Swift Boxes to Buy

Swift Boxes for Sale

We are very pleased to announce that you can now buy a swift box incorporating all of my unique design features rather than building one yourself.

Lester Hartmann, an experienced carpenter based in Derbyshire has been making high quality furniture for many years which also includes building bird-boxes. He contacted us about the possibility of incorporating all of my unique design features into his new swift boxes. I’ve been designing my own boxes for over 13 years, adding new features each year to see which ones worked best. Through extensive trial and error certain features proved more successful than others. These tweaks included adding a landing strip to my bottom entrance boxes, incorporating a feathered concave nest platform and painting the interior black. I’ve also found painting a small black bib on the landing strip just under the entrance hole really helps as well. See for yourself how popular they are, here’s a short video taken last summer of swift activity around my house.

At one point all 25 boxes were occupied. A record number of pairs bred in 2018, 15 in total. Between them they raised 31 fledglings, also another record for me.

Single box

Lester’s swift box designs include all of these special features. His boxes are made from Duraply, a fully sustainable Poplar Plywood substitute which is fungi and insect resilient and is also 30% lighter than traditional exterior ply. All screws and fittings are stainless steel. Roofs are painted with a water based heat reflective Aluminium roofing paint to reduce internal temperatures on hot days. Interiors will be black and nest cups will be provided with duck feathers to encourage nest building. A separate mounting plate for easy fixing will also be supplied. The exterior can be overpainted.

Double box

There are a wide range of different designs to choose from. Costs are as follows (excluding delivery);

Single box                   £30        (L 15″ x H 8″ x D 8″)

Double box                 £50        (L 30″ x H 8″ x D 8″)

Corner single              £30       (L 15″ x H 8″ x D 8″)

Corner double           £50       (L 15″ x H 16″ x D 8″)

Corner 4 box               £90       (L 17″ x H 32″ x D 8″)

Apex Boxes – Made to order depending on how many compartments you want – This design is very popular with swifts!

Single Corner Box


Corner Double Box


Corner 4 Box


Apex Box – 3 hole

Attracting your first pair of swifts can be quite difficult. One thing that really does work is playing their attraction calls near your new box. You can buy a complete mp3 sound system for £36 which includes 10m of cable from Peak Boxes when you order a swift box. Additional cable costs 25p per meter.

If you would like to buy one please contact Lester direct via www.peakboxes.co.uk. With each sales comes a free mp3 swift attraction call and a leaflet on when to play them, so remember to get in touch with me via our contact page to claim your free calls and leaflet.

August 2019 update. Lester and his family at Peak Boxes won the Best in Show and Best Commercial Stand awards at Birdfair 2019.

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