Bristol Swifts 2022 Blog

Welcome to our 2022 Blog page which will begin on a daily basis just before the swifts return.

Swifts need our help more than ever as their numbers continue to decline at an alarming rate. Between 1995 and 2018 the Swift population in the UK dropped by nearly 60%. In December 2021 the species was Red-listed in the fifth Birds of Conservation Concern report. However it needn’t be like this. Whilst swift numbers have been steadily falling across the UK here at Swift House numbers have been rising, from 1 pair in 2005 to 15 in 2021. My blog is a daily diary of what can be done with just a little bit of effort and a lot of love.

Keep up-to-date with the very latest wildlife news from around Swift House. Last year we had 15 breeding pairs of swifts in our boxes, which we believe is the largest colony in Bristol. We have 25 boxes dotted around under the eaves – for their exact location click on this link. Below are a few photos of me putting up my boxes last April.

23 boxes have internal cameras fitted, so we can see what’s actually going on inside. Let’s hope 2022 will be just as good as last year when we saw a record number of chicks fledging. To find out more about what happened last year – click on our early 2021 Swift Blog.

In 2022 we will be opening our garden for another National Garden Scheme/Swift event sometime during the summer. However the exact date will be entirely dependant on the weather. Our plan is to open only when the forecast looks dry and warm, unlike last year when it rained all day as you can see from the photos below. We will try to give as much notice as possible, so please keep an eye on this blog to find out exactly when we will be opening.

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